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The United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA)

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)


Information from the USDA Website

“Standards of Care and Recordkeeping Businesses in the commercial pet trade must maintain APHIS standards for veterinary care and animal management. The requirements cover housing, handling, sanitation, food, water, and protection againist extremes of weather and temperature. Federal animal care standards of care. Regulated individuals and businesses are encouraged to provide care that exceeds the specified minimum. Those who are unable or unwilling to consistently meet the minimum standards of care are subject to heavy fines and licensing actions, including suspension, revocation, and disqualification.


Breeders and dealers must also employ either a full-time veterinarian or arrange for veterinarian to visit their businesses regularly. An outside veterinarian employed by a facility must establish a written program of veterinary care and submit it to the APHIS review.” - APHIS Fact sheet - Animal Care Jan. 2002  


“Under the AWA [Animal Welfare Act], APHIS issues licenses and registrations to certain animal businesses and research facilities and performs inspections to ensure proper animal care and treatment.  The AWA’s regulations as well as other policy documents issued by the AC staff clarify how USDA determines whether a licensed or registered entity is providing its animals with proper care and treatment.” – USDA APHIS Website.  


The USDA  ensures the animals are provided;

  • food and water
  • sanitation
  • proper facilities
  • veterinary care

Those who do not comply with government regulations will lose their licenses.

For more information on the USDA click here