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Non-Refundable Deposit

We offer the option to leave a non-refundable deposit on a puppy. We will not hold a puppy for anyone without this non-refundable deposit.

This option is here for the person who is sure they want a particular puppy and will take it home within 7 days*.  Usually, the deposit required is 30%, but is sometimes higher, based upon the puppy and time of year.

Please do not leave a deposit unless you are absolutely certain you want the pup, as it is non-refundable.  If you are not sure you are ready right now, do not worry about 'missing out' on a pup - there will always be another puppy.

2/20/15   cb

If you have decided to leave a non-refundable deposit, just follow these steps:

  • Please read our Sales Contract, paying special attention to our health guarantees and return policy.
  • Please send an email by clicking the bottom right contact us email on the bottom right of this page and
    • put the following into the message::
      • I agree that the deposit I am giving is non refundable,
      • I will pick up the puppy within seven days, and
      • I have read and agreed to the Sales Contract.
  • Call our office to complete the transaction, 508-987-7161.
    • You will need your credit card information
    • We will need to have received the email you sent above.

For your protection, please do not include any credit card information in the e-mail.  We will only accept that information on the telephone.

Please print this page, the sales contract, and the e-mail for your records.