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All available puppies pictured below are here in Oxford, Massachusetts

The American Eskimo dog is actually not from Alaska. The Eskimo is a member of the Spitz family, and orginates from Germany.

The American Eskimo dog is companion through and through. They love learning new tricks, and take to training quite well. This is seen in the American Eskimo's previous history as a circus dog.

The breed also makes a great watch dog, they always want their owners to be tuned in to what is going on. The American Eskimo will let you know when someone has entered a home, or when something is amiss. The Eskimo breed has a great empathy toward children and have been known to bark to alert their owners if a child is crying or hurt. This trait not only makes them great around children, but also an asset to a house as they will act as watch dogs for childrens' well being.

The average size a Standard American Eskimo pup will grow to is around 20-30lbs, with some breeders' lines being exceptionally large topping out at 95lbs.

The ones we carry are expected to be in the 20-30lb range.

This breed is exceptionally hardy and the average life span is around 16 years.

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