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Testimonials V                                                                                                                                    10/3/12 cb

Bailey is very Happy and Healthy at his new home in  Ct.

He loves to hike and play!! I just love him so much. Thank you thank you!!




Hello, we purchased Freyja ( 6 month old English bull dog) on Feb. 11,2011. I just wanted to tell you she is doing very well. Freyja loves her new family as we do her. She has been house broken with ease (although she doesn't like rain:) and is very well behaved. She loves playing with her chew toys and stuffed animals. She has brought so much love and joy to our family and we are grateful for her:)

I have enclosed photo's for you to see how good she is doing, and to thank you for being very helpful and courteous:)


Kelley & Kevin


To:  Laughlin Kennel,
Just wanted to say thank you to Chris and your kennel for my Scottish Terrier I picked up on Sunday, 1/9/11.  I love him.   I named him Fitzroy MacTavish, II (Fitzy).
I was very impressed with Chris in your office.  He was pleasant, professional, courtious, knowledgable and organized, especially when 3 more families came in right after us and several phone calls.   
Thanks again,

hey there! i got my yorkie poo from you guys 4 years ago and he is seriously my best friend. i love him so much he is the best dog. everywhere i go people compliment him on his personality and his looks! he is the kindest creature god has created. i was browsing on your site and figured id sent you guys an email with a few pictures so you know how well he is doing and i am so grateful you guys created such a blessing for me! Max says hi! here are some pictures!
-Patricia .......... and Max


I just wanted to thank you for the very special gift our family has adopted. We are enjoying and loving Dakota with all our hearts, and spoiling him too. He has become good companion for our other two (golden Retreivers) and I just wanted to send a note to let you know how happy and adjusted we all are.

Thanks Again.

The M........

Here are a couple of pictures of Sasha with some of our family. She is great with all the grand kids and our friends. She is well behaved and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. We just lover her. I will try to send you pictures time to time. Thanks again.

 - Herbert




I wanted to send a photo and an update on our beautiful little girl, Loki. She is the black lab that we bought from you March 2010. She is doing GREAT. She loves her new home. She especially loves her big brother Duke, our 2 year old Doberman. The two of them play together for hours! Thank you for being so kind and for helping us find the perfect 4-legged addition to our family!
Attached is a picture of Duke and
Loki! Thanks!
Mike and Ashley          4/10/11

Hello to all, here are a few photos of the Siberian Husky we purchased in November of 2009 from your kennel. He was born on August 27th of 2009. His name is Azul, ( Blue in Spanish), i am sure you all know that though.
he is the LOVE of this family, we adore him, and hiis personality is so adorable. he is 7 months old now, and quite a showoff. he has a great temperment, is so loving and loves to be loved. a bit spoiled here, lol. he is 50 pounds and is healthy and happy. we though you may like to see him so enjoy!
Barbara M........... and family

We bought Riley (the Apricot Toy Poodle) in October and Cricket (Cockapoo) in January from Laughlin Kennels. They are the most wonderful dogs. We'd buy 10 if we could. Thank you for brining so much joy in our lives!!
Rosie and Jerry
Riley and Cricket


i was browsing your website and thought i would let you know that our  yorkie,, Roxie, has just turned 11 this jan. she is one of the best dogs i have had the pleasure to share our home with. her parents were pork chop and rumble tumble..  We will be in touch soon for a companion  for roxie as she ages out of our lives. it is sad they cant be with us forever isnt it.  Have a great new year and we hope to visit soon.

Howard and Myra

Hello All, We wanted to send you guys a photo or 2 of Andre the 8 month old Saint Bernard GIANT LOL. You will glad to know he is doing very well. We hope you enjoy the Pics , sincerely the Mc...............



Laughlin Kennel~
I just wanted to email you all to let you know how happy we are with the 15 week old male Cock-A-Poo we brought home right before Thanksgiving.  He is so sweet and loving that we are just having the time of our lives with him.  He is so good in his crate and rarely whines or cries about anything.  He is getting used to city life (slowly but surely) and, while he doesn't quite grasp the whole house training concept just yet (obvisouly), he is trying so very hard to be good.  I have attached several pictures but will be sure to send you hard copies after the holidays.  Thank you so much for helping us to complete our family.

~Nikki and Dave (and Maestro)  :)


Hi Gerrianne,

I hope that you are having a great day!  I have attached the picture of my Emmett that you requested!  I would be happy to be in your testimonials!  He is the greatest puppy ever!  Thank you again for my new best friend!

Emmett's Mom,



Hi Charlie

Here is Raven she is a wonderful little girl very loving, smart, cute, everyone who see's her just loves her.  I will send a better picture.

-Deborah B.


Hello Charlie,
Thank you for the e-mail!
Yes our new puppy Oodles (Oodes for short) is doing great!
We took him home on April 6th and he had his first vet appointment on April 10th.
Our vet was very happy with his health. 
He did need some worm medicine, but he did tell me that is common with puppies.
He goes back for his next round of shots on May 1st.
Oodes is getting very comfortable in his new home.
He has a training evaluation tomorrow night, and will soon begin puppy training classes!
We are very happy with his temperament and his potty training skills.
He's becoming a little more mischievous as he gets use to his new home, but that is to be expected!
I have attached a couple of pictures of Oodes.
He loves to take naps on his back, it is hysterical!
Thanks again,
Nicole, Brent & Oodles :)


Sent: 4/4/2012 2:08:26 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Puppy Ray is great

Hi there, I was about to send u a photo of my wheaten at 4 months and ur note arrived.

I'll follow up with my vet who I gave the form to and have them mail.

Thanks for this awesome fellow!
-Nina A.


May 2, 2012

I am SOOO in love with our new Siberian Husky  puppy, now called Jasper, and I believe he loves us too. I was extremely nervous about bringing him home to our 4yr old, but they have become best friends. Jasper has a wonderful temperament  and loves us all. About two months prior my daughter purchased a Siberian Husky puppy from a pet shop and the dog has been on antibiotics since she brought it home, costing her hundreds of dollars in vet visits. Thanks to Laughlin Kennel we have a happy, healthy new addition to our family. Jasper's vet gave have him an A+ on health at his first visit. I highly recommend Laughlin Kennel to get your new, healthy puppy.


- Elizabeth D



Just wanted to let you know how well are new little buddy Ringo is doing. We brought him home in mid-July and he has adjusted very well. So glad we came upon your wonderful kennel!!


Thank you

- Melanie S. 9/15/12

Here’s Duncan Mactavish

10/3/12 cb

Good morning,

I am emailing regarding our purchase of a male papillon a few weeks ago. I meant to touch base earlier but we love him and he is doing great.

He did have a parasite when the vet checked him out but it's getting taken care of.

He is extremely sociable, lovable and such a pleaser. 

We are thrilled-so thank you! 

-Krissy and Matt

Just wanted to send you a couple of pics.
We purchased our King Charles from you recently. 
She is doing great.  So happy to have her. I'll send the pics next.
and Alana

Thank you for all these wonderful Holiday wishes!



A Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of our wonderful customers,


Thank you again for your support, and Holiday wishes!