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Pekingese are thought to have been developed in ancient china, named after the city of Peking (modern day Beijing). They were pets for royalty, a symbol of wealth and political importance. It is no surprise the Pekingese has elegance, style, and grace.

The Peke is stocky and compact, growing to be 8 to 10 pounds as adults. Their coat grows long and silky. They have a distinct pushed in nose. AKC website compares their appearance to that of a “lion”. Along with the resemblances, they share personality traits of bravery and courage. This breed does not like to be bossed around. Be wary of stubbornness or rebellion.

Yes, they can be strong willed but the Pekingese’s most pronounced characteristics are their friendliness, love for their family, and spunk. A Peke is happiest curled up next to their owner. They are devoted and sensitive.    

Pekes are not considered the best for children. They would rather be treated like a princess than play in the yard with youngsters. They prefer the company of adults and have little patience for pestering from children.

Pekes have a long undercoat that needs weekly brushing. Bathe only when needed. Required exercise is minimal, although they do enjoy long walks. They tend to be inactive indoors and do well with apartment living.

They usually live between 10 to 15 years.

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