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Designer Breeds

Designer or hybrid breeds are crosses between two breeds. Laughlin Kennel usually has several hybrids available. The best way to determine the characteristics of a hybrid is to find out the characteristics of the breeds of the parents. A hybrid may have any of the characteristics of either of the parents' breeds.
First generation dogs -- the generation where both parents were purebreds of different breeds -- are the most predictible in appearance, temperament and other characterisitcs. Later generations, where hybrids have been bred to each other are less predictible as some of the offspring will favor the one breed and some will favor the other. Most of the hybrid puppies Laughlin Kennel sells are first generation.
Occasionally, a hybrid puppy will not be half and half. This is done on purpose, as when a Labradoodle is bred to a Poodle. This breeding is called a F1B, a first generation bred back to one of the founding breeds. In the case of the F1B Labradoodle, the purpose is to ensure a non-shedding and hypoallergenic coat.

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