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All available puppies pictured below are here in Oxford, Massachusetts


The Beagle is a sweet-tempered hound, excellent with children and other dogs. They are social and intelligent, but has a mind of their own. They need regular exercise, such as daily walks, else they will be very active indoors. They are small, about 20 - 30 lbs., and have a short to medium length coat that is very easy to take care of. This is a good breed for families or novice dog owners.

Being a hound, the Beagle will sometimes follow its nose rather than its owner, so they should be kept on a leash except in secure areas. Also being a hunter, they should not be trusted with smaller pets, such as birds or rabbits, unless introduced to them at a very young age.

Here are some suggestions to similar breeds:                                                                                                                  Last updated on 7/13/18  AH
For a similar sized dog, with similar temperament: Puggle, Bagel
For a larger dog, with a similar dispostion: Basset, Bloodhound.                                                                                                                               

Please check back soon for more pups

Laughlin Kennel is a dog breeder & Kennel located in Oxford, Massachusetts, near Connecticut, Rhode Island and all of New England, including Worcester, Providence, Boston, Springfield and Hartford. AKC, APRI, ACA, UAB and other registries. We have available puppies bred here and also pups from other breeders.

Whether you considered this a purchase or an adoption, bringing a puppy home is a wonderful joy. And yet adopting a new member into your family is a life changing event, so call or e-mail us if you have any questions.